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New Year's Day January 1st. 2022

Alvechurch Morris in their alternate guise of Alvechurch Mummers performed their traditional(ish) Mummers Play at about 13:00 Morris Time at the Crown, Withybed Green. This traditional kick starter to the New Year was performed with it's usual scant regard for the script as written for the day by our team of in-house scriptwriters (Chris Davies) and was well-received by a small but very enthusiastic audience. Post-performance dancing took place in The Square and, flushed with success and in the knowledge that it was all over for a another year, we retired to the Alvechurch Inn for much-needed food and liquid refreshemnt. So, in the words of the Mummers "Happy New Year".

We were joined for the day by our friends Ælfgythe, Plum Jerkum, Black Adder and Jockey Morris.

See Never Been Here Before start the play, marvel at Old Father Time's narration, watch as St. George defeats the Turkish Knight, gasp as The Scottish Doctor brings the victims to life wth the aid of his Little Dick Nip, be in awe of Beelzebub (nice tights Ballsy Bob), feel for Sweet Moll as she rejects St. George for a younger man, wonder why the Sad Punter is gluing himself to the road, be baffled by the appearances of Peppa Pig, Joe Biden, Omicron, be afraid of the Dragon or you could just watch the video by clicking here and all will be revealed. If you have watched our play live, here on our website or on Youtube and, as Never been Here Before said "You gentlemen and ladies all, I hope you will be free, To subscribe a little part, to pay our doctor's fee.", you can donate to this year's good cause here

Acorns Children's Hospice.

Happy New Year!

About Alvechurch Morris

Meeting Place

We meet on Monday evenings throughout the year except during August when we take a well-earned break. We meet in the Baptist Church Hall, 29 Red Lion Street, Alvechurch B48 7LG from 20:30 onwards and, when sufficiently exercised, we retire to our local hostelry, the Weighbridge, to discuss the more pressing matters of the day!


We welcome all prospective dancers and/or musicians, irrespective of race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, or veteran status. Contact the Bagman on the Contacts page.

Alvechurch Morris

Alvechurch Morris on the steps of The Swan, Alvechurch on their 30th Anniversary

Founded in 1989, for a "one-off" performance at the school fete, Alvechurch Morris were a black-face side for many years but have responded to the changing times in which we live and are now proud to go green and endorse the UK Joint Morris Organisation's statement on blackface.

"Our traditions do not operate in a vacuum. While no morris dancer wants to cause offence, we must recognise that full-face black or other skin tone makeup is a practice that has the potential to cause deep hurt. Morris is a living tradition and it is right that it has always adapted and evolved to reflect society. ...... The UK Joint Morris Organisations, comprising The Morris Federation, The Morris Ring and Open Morris 3rd July 2020"